Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #4

So.....I came home from a loooong day at work yesterday to find my Fix had arrived.  I brought in the frozen box and dove in!  If you're new to Stitch Fix, you can read all the details here.  Basically, for $20 bucks you get five items, return what you hate, no catches, they pay shipping. Simple and exciting.

So now to the review...
Just so you know, I requested a pair of light wash, distressed boyfriend jeans, cowl neck sweaters and cardigans in BRIGHT colors.  No jewelry, scarves, or dresses for now.  I received an awesome pair of dark wash, boyfriend jeans in my last fix.  I loved the cut and style but wanted a lighter wash. 
So what I got this time was a gray pair of distressed, boyfriend jeans.  Same style (Ruxin) and brand (Mavi) as the last pair but these were HUGE on me.  No I have not lost any weight, I wish, but NO.  Not sure why they are so gigantic, but they are going back. Plus I just got a pair of gray jeans at Gap before the holidays.  Love 'em, btw.
(Mavi Ruxin Boyfriend Jean in Gray)

Next up was this purple Kut From the Kloth Larson Collared Knit Top.  Awesome color, material too thin for me, and it was not flattering on my bod.  Return

The only possible keeper from this batch is the 41Hawthorn Concord Striped Draped Pocket Cardigan.  Great colors, comfy, and would look good with jeans or those new gray Gap jeans!  
Update: I LOVE, LOVE this cardigan.  It's cotton knit so it will be great for multiple seasons.  So glad I decided to keep it.
This one hurts to talk about, it's the Caramela Voltaire Lace Detail Cardigan.  I got a knit cardigan in my first Fix the exact same color that I kept....grrrrrrrrr.  I do NOT need two and the lace detail makes it look cheap.  If you're currently wearing this, sorry it's just not my style.  Btw, it's more green than blue.  I'm blaming this on bad lighting and maybe the iPad quality pic.  Return

Lastly, this Olive & Oak Genesee Hi-Lo Knit Sweater.  It was not a bright color per my request nor was it a cowl neck but it was however, the color of baby poop.  Not a color I look my best in, just sayin'.  Awesome on someone else, just not this gal.  Return

I'm currently taking a deep breathe and will continue to give detailed feedback, specific requests, and more Pinterest pins.  This is a fun, fun service and very affordable and I'd recommend it to anyone.  I'd also like to note that I've had three different stylists.  I had the same one for my first two Fixes and I think I need to request her again.  The last two I've had were a bit off the mark.  
Having said all that, if you wanna give this Fix thing a whirl here's the link.  Go for it and let me know your results.

I think I'll take a nap now...sigh.

I have not received compensation from Stitch Fix for this blog post.  These are solely my opinions about my experience with this service.

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