Friday, April 17, 2015

Five for Friday~April 17, 2015

TGIF and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again.

I've finally gotten back into the gym and have found my new love.....Cross Fit!!!  I love the competition, the bare bones of a gym (aka "box"), and the fact that it's at 7:00 at night and I can take a nap before I go!!  Sad, I know!

Here's a few of this week's WODs.  We do a few warm-up exercises and several strength exercises before we hit the WOD or METCON.  I'm usually in the "box" about an hour and a half and leave feeling amazing!!  (FYI: in Cross Fit the gym is a called a box.)  I'm still trying to learn all the lingo.
Anyone else have a love for Cross Fit?

My second graders are studying bridges and we did a STEM bridge building challenge using marshmallows and toothpicks.  I walked around eating marshmallows uncontrollably the entire time!!! I have zero self-control.
We used a product from Teachers Are Terrific for this challenge.  She has ton of STEM Challenges in her TPT store.

We are still working on our Earthworm Study in my first grade classes and I ran into a bit of a snag when my lunch looked eerily like the worms!!

I finally loaded the "All About Earthworms" unit in my TPT store.  Check it out!

Have you ever wanted to do something and just get out of the house, but you don't feel like getting dressed up and putting on make-up?  Well, when I feel that way.....I go to Bingo.  It's called Boxcar Bingo Hall.  It's located beside a railroad track, so I guess that's how it got its name.  It's a total smoke pit and no one talks because they are so serious about their cigarettes and bingo cards.  I need a few hours of no interaction every now and you?
I'm perfectly content with my 21 bingo cards and my little blue dabber!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we are building a new house and the process is moving very slowly.  Between the ice/snow and now the constant rain, we've had very little progress.  Finally, the past two weeks they've really made some moves and I'm getting excited.

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