Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday~June 5,2015

It's been a minute since I've linked up for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching, but I'm back!!!!  I've been out of school since Friday, May 22, so I'm getting into this whole 'no work' thing.
We're in the process of building a new house, so that means packing up EVERYTHING for the big move. It's crazy how you just collect stuff and aren't sure why.  I think it's worse for  teachers.  We never know when we "may" need something, so we hang on the junk.  Here's the progress so far!

This little rascal had cataract surgery about three weeks ago. She developed cataracts shortly after she was diagnosed with diabetes.  As some of you may know, she was born deaf, so when she went blind from the cataracts, surgery was no option.  Turns out she only has about 20% vision in one eye now.  So we are doing tons of eye drops, and tons of pokes for glucose testing, and even more pokes for insulin injections.  But she's happy so that makes momma happy!!

I've been dragging myself out of bed everyday and heading off to our local cross fit gym. It's addictive!! I was very intimidated at first but I let go of that.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm deathly afraid of straining and getting a hemorrhoid!!!  But so far, so good!!  Here's a glimpse at me working on my front squats.  Ignore the "just out of bed" look!

Anyone else into cross fit?

I had an appointment at the Apple Store this week because I have an older iMac desktop, that is now apparently "vintage." Anyway it won't turn on and I need the pictures and documents off of it.  Turns out they can't even get parts for it or pull off my data.  I then had to go to an Apple Authorized Dealer to have this done.  Grrrrrr..... over $100 and three days later, I have the data on a flash drive and the repair shop gained a "vintage" computer.  

While I was at the Apple Store I took it upon myself to pull up my blog on a few computers and just walk away!! #freeadvertising

For all of you that signed up for a chance to win the $100 Stitch Fix gift card, I'd like to say THANK YOU!!  It was so fun  working with A Trendy Teacher and a few other awesome bloggers for this giveaway.  The lucky winner is Bre Simons. 

FYI, I have a new fix coming next week, so be on the lookout for a new Stitch Fix review.  You can follow me on Instagram for a heads up.

Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and see what everyone else is up to. 

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  1. I loved reading your 5 for Friday! Your blog is so cute, I love all the bright colors and fun fonts! Your new house is gorgeous!! I love your furbaby, and I hope she continues to be happy! I had such a great time reading your blog, glad I 'met' you through the link up!

    Warmest Wishes,