Monday, August 4, 2014

Anchors Away Monday~Linky

Today I'm linking up with Crafting Connections for Anchors Away Monday.  

I've picked one of my most pinned anchor charts, that I use year after year when teaching and reviewing fact and opinion.  I teach 1st and 2nd graders and this can get tricky.  This anchor chart just gives them some key words to look for when determining if a statement is a fact or opinion. I leave this displayed when they are composing their own facts and opinions as well.

It's not flashy or very pretty, but it gets the job done.  There are several versions out there on Pinterest, if you do a search.  I like to keep it simple and to the point, so this one works for us.

I have several TPT products that have some fact and opinion activities in them:
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  1. Thanks for linking up, Meredith! I love your anchor chart! This concept was difficult for several of my third and fourth graders, too. I especially like the key words you included on your anchor chart!