Monday, February 9, 2015

Made It Monday

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics again today for Made It Monday.

Now that the holidays are over I can share this project.  It was a gift for a few people so I didn't want to post about it before Christmas.
I'll start with a pic of the finished product and then go through the steps of making it.

You need a yard stick, lots of wine corks, a hot glue gun, and some wide grosgrain ribbon.

Simply glue the corks to the yard stick.  I'm a little OCD so I had to make sure they were all positioned the same direction!  I made a big bow (I used red to match most Christmas decor) and hot glued it to the top of the yard stick.  The yard stick that I used had a hole at the top to hang it, so I made sure that was behind the bow. 
I had some long straight pins that I used to pin my Christmas cards to the corks.  That's it!!!!  So easy and they make a great gift.  I suppose you could leave off the bow and use this to pin up pictures throughout the year.  It would be cute in an office or entry way of your house.

Let me know what you think. :-)
My next project is for the mister for Valentine's Day and for the new house.  I saw this on Pinterest somewhere and got crafty.

I cut and pasted the lyrics to John Legend's "All of Me" over and over to fill the page, in a cute font.  Then, I printed the outline of the tree over the lyrics and started cutting.  This part took a minute.  I printed everything on card stock, including the red hearts with our names on them.  I had some raffata on hand so I used that to "tie" the hearts to the tree limb.  I had a black frame and white mat on hand that worked perfectly.  I'm pretty happy with the finished product. I'll take a pic later (and post) of it hanging on the wall so you can see the entire frame. 

Head over to 4th Grade Frolics for more #madeitmonday.


  1. I love your hearts hanging from the tree. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Elementary School Garden

  2. What a cute card holder and I love your tree with hearts-so crafty! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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  4. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I will have to start collecting wine corks :)

    Mrs. Wiley
    from Wiley Teaching

  5. Thanks for linking up! Love your projects!!! Super love that tree...that's one of my fave songs. So thoughtful of you to type that up and make that tree with the hearts! Love it:) On one of my made it posts you can get the whole set of buttons for Monday Made It...I saw you have the button but not the counters:) Let me know if you can't find it! Thanks again for linking up your great ideas!!

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  8. So sorry about the multiple comments. Not sure why that was happening, so I deleted them. Feel free to delete them.

  9. love love love the tree… what a wonderful gift that will be!!!
    it is beautiful