Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #5 Review

I received my 5th Fix this week.  I requested and got back my original stylist this time and was very pleased with what I got.  If you're not familiar with Stitch Fix you can read more about it here.  
To see my previous "Fixes" here are the links:

I requested some light colored, distressed boyfriend jeans.  I got these Just Black Riley Distressed Boyfriend Jeans.  Perfect fit and super soft.  These made me smile!

I also asked for some colored jeans.  My stylist sent me these Just Black Dean Skinny Jeans.  They are the perfect color of purple and the fit of these was also good.  The material is thick and really soft.  I loved these and planned on wearing them with booties.  But all four pairs of my booties zip and the zippers at the bottom of these pants was just too much zip-ish going on.  (Yep, I made up that word!)

Up next was a dress.  I asked for a cotton, maxi dress for my up coming trip to Cancun.  I got this Pixley Lyra Chevron Print Dress. It has 3/4 length sleeves and is WAY too long for me.  Not what I had in mind for my trip. What do you think?  This print was a little too granny for me too.

This next piece rendered me speechless.  I can say nothing good about the material or the print.  So just take a look and I'll let you form your own opinions.  May I present to you the 41Hawthorne Zappo Printed Mixed Material Sweater.

My fifth item was this Fun2Fun Torrey Henley Button Top. I liked the fit and the length was perfect to wear with leggings.  It covers all the right parts! 

Overall this fix was good.  I must say Stitch Fix has the BEST pants ever.  I still can't get over the great fit of their pants and the amazing quality.  It makes me want to request an "all pants" fix.  I may just do that!!  If you're interested in jumping on the Stitch Fix band wagon, here's a link.  Go get started!!!  Just a's addictive!!

I have not received compensation from Stitch Fix for this blog post.  These are solely my opinions about my experience with this service.

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