Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Teacher Tote Linky

I'd like to call this link-up, Teacher Tote Tuesday!  I'm hooking up with Jen from Teacher by the Beach who wants to see your teacher tote.  

We all know that choosing the PERFECT teacher bag is a BIG deal.  Over the years I've tried everything from handmade bags to over priced totes that were not worth the money.  

My most recent bags are here:

     From thirty-one                             From Avon  

School started for me yesterday and I'm currently going with a much smaller bag, I got from a training session I attended.  I've found that the smaller the bag the less stuff I put in it.  Maybe smaller is better??  

Am I the only teacher guilty of carrying home a bag full of things to work on and not even taking it inside the house?!?  Some days are just like that, right?


  1. Great minds think alike! I have the exact same Thirty One bag! Same print and all! Love it!

    Ginger Snaps

  2. haha! I like the name - Teacher Tote Tuesday! :)
    31 is very popular :) Thanks for linking up!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach
    A Splash of Life Blog

  3. I also have that 31 bag! Love it!