Saturday, September 27, 2014

Five for Friday on Saturday

Wow, was that a fast week!  I'm back with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday...on Saturday!

So let's get started...
I'm finishing up my manatee mini-study with my kindergartners this week. As part of this study, we collected money and adopted a manatee.  You can even choose the one you want to adopt, we chose Annie.  You can learn more about Annie and saving the manatees here
My first graders have started a mini-study on kaleidoscopes.  So far we've done some research and created some fun pictures of kaleidoscopes. I'm on the look out for an EASY way to make kaleidoscopes.  I've seen several DIY projects online but none have really caught my eye.  Suggestions?

My second graders are finally finishing up our shark study.  We have learned so much and they've had an awesome time.  Our last shark hooray is a field trip to a local museum to participate in a Shark Lab.  I've never done this, so I'm really excited about this trip.  I'll be back next week with pics and details.

You can grab this fun shark acrostic over at Stepping into Second with Amy Lemons.  And don't be jealous of my "bulletin board" aka the back of some filing cabinets!!
Brooke from Countless Smart Cookies is celebrating her birthday and I've donated to this HUGE 3-day giveaway.  It will run September 29-October 1.  Mark your calendars.
Here's the link to enter.
I'm so ready for fall. The temps were supposed to be lower last week so I cooked up a big pot of taco soup.  But mid-80's is NOT cooler.  Oh well, I enjoyed the soup in a sundress!!  Fingers crossed for cooler weather this week.

Have an awesome weekend and relax. That's my plan...and maybe some day drinking.  Sometimes that's the best answer to a busy week!  See ya...

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